Vessels of Honor 2018 Sessions

This year we are please to have Randy Hoffman, Warren Henderson, and Craig Shakarji as the main speakers with Kate Henderson, Laura Messerly, Nathan Griffiths, and Drew Smith taking seminar sessions

Kate Henderson

Living Above the Average...When God Seems Far Away (Women only))
God promises His children He will never leave us or forsake us, if we seek Him we will find Him, and if we draw near to Him He will draw near to us. But what do we do when our human experience does not reflect God’s assurances?

Nathan Griffiths

Dealing with Depression
This would cover the realities of what depression means in an individual’s life, some reflections on my own personal experience and some encouragement from scripture.

Randy Hoffman

Theology of Suffering - Lessons from the Cross
The Biblical record reveals that Jesus didn't come to merely explain suffering, but that He experienced it and "learned obedience by the things which He suffered" (Heb 5:8). In this seminar we will think through the real life implications of relating to a God who suffered.
Theology of Suffering - Lessons from the Ash Heap
If we live long enough we will find ourselves on the "ash heap," either in response to our own pain & suffering, or someone else's. In this seminar we seek to develop a Biblical paradigm for suffering that should help us avoid some of the mistakes Job's "comforters" made!

Craig Shakarji

The reliability of the transmission of the Bible from its original writings to us today
Many people today believe that the Bible has changed from the time it was originally written until today‐‐whether unintentionally or by deliberate act of fraud. How did we get our Bible? And how do we know it could not have been changed? This session will track the transmission of the Bible from its original writings until today and refute the false claims so often asserted by Muslims, atheists, and others. In the end, we will appreciate some of the genius of God's plan for the preservation of His Word.
Bible translations - aims, texts, and difficulties
Translating the Bible is no easy task, filled with decisions and trade‐offs between being literal and understandable. A student of the Bible should be aware of the aims and the texts used by the translators and not be limited (for study purposes) to a single translation or category of translation. We will explain the spectrum of translation types and identify the aims of several common translations. Examples throughout will highlight the difficulties in translating and help guide through the myriad of translations available. The workshop on transmission of the Bible, though helpful to this, is not a prerequisite.

Laura Messerly

The Extraordinary Everyday (Women only)
So, you’re not rescuing orphans from temples, translating the Bible, or confronting the village witchdoctor. How can an ordinary 21st century woman in North America live an extraordinary life for the Lord? Explore the kinship of hoping and doing, trusting and cultivating. See what God’s word says about living an honorable life and share practical habits and pursuits that will shape each day into something meaningful.

Drew Smith

2013 and Beyond: Living as Christians in a Trans World
This seminar gives an overview of transgenderism and its effects on society, followed by a biblical perspective and some suggestions for a Christ-like response.

Warren Henderson

Avoiding the Entangled Life
To live above the average, believers must maintain an uncluttered and disciplined life style. What should be my priorities in life’s affairs? How can I become more available for God’s use? How can I avoid the entangled life so that I am not needlessly drawn away from my duty to God?
Eschatology - The Study of Future Things (two parts)
If you don't understand what terms such as "Amillennialism," "Prewrath," "Preterism," "Adventism," or "Replacement Theology" mean this seminar is for you. The purpose of the seminar is to equip believers to understand why Scripture teaches a pretribulation, premillennial coming of Christ and to motivate them to serve while yearning for His coming. First session: differing millennial or kingdom views. Second session: different tribulation views.