Vessels of Honor 2018 Sessions

This year we are please to have Randy Hoffman, Warren Henderson, and Craig Shakarji as the main speakers with Kate Henderson, Laura Messerly, Nathan Griffiths, and Drew Smith taking seminar sessions

Phi Hammond

The Power of God's Love
We know what God's love does for me but what is it doing to me?

Lori Kratzer

"The Fragrance of Christ": Overcoming the World's Definition of Fulfillment
Our flesh, our enemy, and our culture can create confusion about what it means to live a fulfilled life as a woman. We can spend our lives and resources pursuing the realization of certain desires and living up to certain expectations. This session is for women and will look at the teaching of God’s Word on living a life of triumph and fulfillment in Christ that is a fragrance to God and those around us. (Please note this session is for women only)

David Nicholson

Bible Study Tools and Tips
In this session, we will equip the saints by putting some of the most necessary tools in your Bible study toolbox. Be ready to take them for a test drive and discuss how they helped and the difficulties you faced when implementing these tools. There will also be a variety of tips to help make Bible study go smoother and provide greater results.
The Cross Through the Scriptures
Enjoy a look at the cross of Christ through various perspectives (narrative, type, prophecy, poetry, etc.), each one offering different insights. Throughout our look at the greatest event in human history, we will discuss how to study the Bible with our purpose to worship. This session will equip you to view the Bible as a worshipper and set our eyes on Christ’s sacrifice.

Jesse Gentile

Losing Our Souls to Neuroscience
Overcoming a naturalistic view of human persons. Modern brain science has exploded. Most scientists now declare us to be no more than brains and bodies. The existence of a soul or spirit is denied. Many Christians have adopted this perspective in the last few decades (i.e. Christian physicalism). This seminar will examine whether "soul" is just a figure of speech for the self as many now claim. Data from scripture, science, and philosophy will be used to show how belief in the traditional understanding of a soul or Spirit is reasonable.
Seeing the Invisible God
How the Incarnation helps us overcome a simplistic concept of God. Right doctrine will not only help us think rightly, it will drive us to worship more deeply. This seminar will show us how the incarnation of the eternal Son, in time and space, gives us a profound way to know the rich and righteous character of the eternal God.

Scott DeGroff

Praying in the Holy Spirit
There is a mystery to prayer that can be challenging and puzzling. There is also so much revealed about prayer in God’s Word to help us press on into a Christlike prayer life. This seminar will explore the two NT passages as well as the subject of pursuing all the Lord has for us in this soul‐thrilling journey of walking with Him in prayer.

Randy Hoffman

The Case of the Miserable Christian
Are you a "miserable Christian?" Someone once wrote: "these words are really incompatible and yet we must put them together because they are an accurate description of certain people ‐ miserable Christians. We all know that biblical joy should be the hallmark of the Christian life, yet so often it isn't. This seminar will identify real life factors that cause us to lose our joy, and the path to rediscovering it.

Kimberly Moffitt

Overcoming with Truth and Love
Today’s children are very needy. They are longing for people who will love them and be real with them. Though they may not realize it, their greatest need is to be lovingly told the truth about the Lord. God’s Word has the answers their hearts are searching for. If you desire to clearly share God’s Word with children (whether in a group or one‐on‐one), but just aren’t sure how, this seminar should be of help. We will go over the relevancy of Scripture, how to share the gospel clearly, common questions children have, and ways to begin a spiritual conversation. (Please note this session is for women only)
Organizing a Children's Ministry that Honors the Lord
Many Christian workers have bought into the idea that to be successful, a children’s program must be loud, flashy, and above all‐ fun! Our desire, however, should be to have a work that honors the Lord and is spiritually beneficial‐whether it is a Bible club in the public school or a Sunday school class in your local church. In this seminar, we will look at the practical aspects of organizinga children’s ministry: a purpose statement, what to include in the program, structure, workers, legal considerations, and discipline. (Please note this session is for women only)